26 March 2014


Busy week. I just got home from Manila and this weekend I am heading back there once again. Work has been loading up and my backlog blog posts has finally ran out two days ago, so forgive my one day delay  (Frequent readers would know that I try my best to post every other day). 

For today's look let me share with you guys what I wore last week when I attended a baptism of one of my bestest friends' son. You know me, my style has definitely evolved into something simpler but of course keeping that quirky side of things through the little details.

Like my shoes from Forever 21 PH, it's in a classic shape but it has that special detail at the back that makes it more interesting. 

 The best thing about this look is the color. Pastels make everything look fresh especially matched with white.

Here's a little vignette I did during a shoot earlier.  Thankfully it matched my attire! It has the same effect also, touches of powder blue and pink with a solid white vase.

Forever 21 PH Light Pink Leather Skirt, White Heels & Statement Earring| Mongkok Collared Top| Promod Textured Blue Blazer

Can't wait to try out more pastel combinations.

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  1. girl u look so pretty and i love those shoes! btw i didn't know you were from cebu...I will be there this summer! I have never been to the Philippines before...looking forward to it!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

    1. Thank you! Hope you have a fun time here in Cebu. :)

  2. What a cute outfit. I love pastel shades and those shoes are so flipping adorable!
    I'm following you on facebook, let's keep in touch!


  3. I love all these colors together! The shoes are so pretty. xx



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