22 April 2014

Nature Vista

It's back to the daily grind for me. Oh how I miss all the nature loving moments I experienced during my weekend. Balay Indang, this cute little place we were staying at in Cavite had an abundance of that. I was in love with all the landscape and that secret garden theme they were able to recreate. I figured going for  neutral earth tones were the way to go.

So if you're into this green loving phase ,like I am, I suggest you channel that kind of look into your home. A bit of wood and a touch of these leafy wonders instantly livens up your place. Bringing outdoors to your indoor area has never been this easy. Little succulents on your center table together with a drift wood surface has that understated coolness to it or adding an accent wall filled with plants could be an option to bring in some life into your area. 

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  1. Loving the interior inspirations, and of course your outfit! :) x


  2. I love the skirt! :)

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  3. this is so cute :) I have a new outfit post on my blog and I would die if you could check it out and give me some feedback <3 have a great wednesday! (follow for follow? comment if you do :)) xoxo chloewithadash.blogspot.com


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