15 April 2014


It's almost  1 am and my room is a mess from all the packing I've been doing for tomorrow's trip to Manila. Holy Week is fast approaching and I'm very excited to go on our road trip to Cavite,  People who are close to me would know that I'm very close with my family. I really get a long with them and I grab every chance I get to spend a few vaca moments.

So before I leave for some R&R I opted to start off with a spring filled look. Periwinkle has that special touch no doubt when it comes to looking fresh!

By adding a tiny dosage into your room, may it be from accent chairs or flower arrangements, they automatically bring in that spring feeling.

Going bolder when it comes to choices of paintings or furniture pieces just amplifies that exact emotion. Sometimes the best thing about spaces is once it's designed properly it always makes you feel something. An expression of the designer's point of view. 

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Leaving you guys with this quick update. Will try my best to blog more on the upcoming days!

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