05 June 2014

All that Sparkle

I was invited to sell my old clothes during Hyper Cebu over at Baseline last weekend.  I did not know if I should be dressing up or down so the heck with it! Party on top casual at the bottom. haha I was happy to meet some of my readers during my stay. Seriously guys! I was very touched to hear all the nice things you had to say during the event and I love getting the chance to talk to you guys. :) 

Specially happy about how this glitzy top Front Row Shop (IG: @frontrowshop) sent me leaves a trail of glitter and sequins on the floor because it makes it easier for my siblings to find me. haha Kidding aside,  sequined things are for any occasion so long as you choose the right shade and match it with the right outfit. 

Glitter makes a great highlight to any room. It catches your eye automatically and gives your space a nice focal point to talk about and add a lot of personality. It's also a good material to use when you want to add texture to your living space because of its uneven surface. 

Front Row Shop Sequined Top | Zara Denim Pants | CMG PH Heels

To more shiny shimmery things! haha

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*photos without watermarks were grabbed from various sites*


  1. Loved your outfit then, love your outfit still <3 more power!

  2. simply beautiful, love the soft colors . . .

  3. ow, I know where was this taken :) We're at the sprockets cafe when you had this shoot. It was nice seeing you in person and i have bought several items from your booth but will be wearing them after giving birth. :)

  4. Love the top! :)

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