01 July 2014


I like stocking up on dual purpose items in my closet & interiors. Imagine a bed that turns into a sofa, or a jacket that turns into a skirt? That's how I look at this zipped up skirt from Hei Naharu Classique. For work I just zip down the side slit for that "I'm way too serious to have fun" look and when I'm done with office hours I can just zip it up for a night out. Very convenient for girls like me who gets off work late and has not other option but to rush straight to another venue.  

A dash of this Minted Jewelry necklace to add some interesting elements in my simple black & white work look. 


Among other things, a good reason to start stocking up on double purpose pieces is maximizing. Ever since residential homes have been heading towards the sky space has definitely become a luxury rather than a commodity. So for city dwellers I suggest you start looking for secret compartments. Beds with cool pull outs. Bookshelves that turn into study tables or dividers. If you've got yourself a high ceiling you should definitely get a loft done for your bedroom! The possibilities are endless and you can a room full of creativity.

H&M Polka Top | Hei Naharu Classique (IG: @heinaharuclassique) Pencil Skirt w/ Zipped Slit  Minted Jewelry (IG: @mintedjewelry) Gem Necklace | TB Dress (IG: @tbdress) Snakeskin Pumps

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