28 July 2014

Girly Explosion

Let's face it, automatically pink just gives off that demure ladylike aura whether or not it's spaces or clothes we're setting our eyes on. I remember the time when my sisters and I would used to argue which one of us  would play the Pink Power Ranger that day. Of course the eldest one (me) always prevailed (haha!). But I'd like to think most girls wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger at some point in their lives. It's just a pretty color. Hard to resist when it reminds you of candy. haha

I like seeing them in spaces too. Personally, I wouldn't go overboard as to turning every corner into a pink one but little touches are absolutely dainty to look at. Take for example small home decors or a flower arrangement on top of your nightstand. 

What else could make pink any more girly than adding touches of lavender tones & lots of sparkle. Calling Barbie! You left your little trooper with all her girly goodness. haha

Hope you enjoyed my explosion of girliness today!

WAGW Pink Watercolor Tank Top  (as worn here)| I Love NL Clothing (IG:@ilovenlclothing )White Skirt | Love Eyecandy (IG:@loveforeyecandy)  Lavender Bow Sling Bag | Tutum Shop (@tutumshop) Silver Pointed Flats

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  1. That is such a pretty/dainty outfit you've got here. The lavender bag is my favorite. x

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  2. I am in love with this entire outfit. Everything is just perfection - that top, the skirt, and the bag. It's so cute!

    Vessi :: arts & petite style blog


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