12 July 2014

Tough Cookie

Smiles all around! Let me fill you in on a daily secret. At first glance you'll probably think I'm one of those types of girls who goes with the flow. Well, you're right but that's not the case most of the time. Don't let my dainty looks fool you.  haha

When it comes to other aspects of my life I am what you would call a psychopath. Kidding! I'm just your normal average Obsessive Compulsive weirdo and I'm very much proud of it. haha Socializing at clubs is a down right failure moment for me but when I deal with work I'd like to think I'm one hardball. Being under the Design field one thing I learned from my professors is to toughen up my interior & exterior wall.

So to my readers who are still in school always remember to learn as much as you can. The critiques you get from your teachers are not even as close as the comments you'll get in real life. So, what I suggest is to take it in and learn from them. No one has the exact same taste. And you can't please everyone either, but as long as you know you are doing a good job then you'll go a long way. If there are other people who have other opinions hear them out and never automatically shut them down, they might be on to something good. The best kind of thought process is an exchange of ideas.

Who would have thought that  underneath all that feminine lace, frilly skirts and pointed flats is one tough cookie. Who says strong girls can't be girly? :)

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