25 July 2014

You Never Know

I Love NL Clothing (IG: @ilovenlclothing) Nude Racer Tank Top | Old Denim Jeans | Tres Shoes PH  (IG: @treshoesph) Sandals

My 18 year old self is shaking her head right now in disappointment. When I was younger I used to dress so quirkily. Vintage baby doll dresses were my go to pieces matched with black tights and ballet flats. Simple non frilly frocks were shunned upon. haha And here I am 7 years later taking a totally different fashion route. Minimal, easy and polished but still feminine. I don't know what it is, the time maybe or a change of perspective, but it's funny how time flies. Not knowing if the future stays the same or not. Wouldn't you agree? :)

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