21 August 2014

Backless Thursdays

On a really hot day when you can't throw yourself into a pool the best way to get rid of the heat is with a backless number. Proper ventilation is key! haha Wouldn't you agree? Pieces like these are ideal for me. Lots of lines, clothes that hang on your body in just the right way, the perfect old rose color-- I don't know what more I could ask for. Thank you Asto Group.  <3

I went ahead and just added this classic bangle from Minted Jewelry. It was the right accessory for the minimal direction I was going for.  

Asto Group (IG: @astogroup) Backless Top | Bazaar Find Pink Pants | Prada Bag 
 Minted Jewelry (IG: @mintedjewelry) Bangle | CMG Nude Heels

I've been noticing that I've been enjoying styling myself in a clean and simple way compared to my younger years where I would over prep myself from print after print after print. haha 

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