19 August 2014

Different Route

There's always two sides of a coin, wouldn't you agree? So, for today's post I am taking a break from all things girly and going for another route -- I think. I don't exactly know what to call this look as my initial goal was just to go for something comfy but I like the achromatic outcome minus my blue bag. Was going for a rockstar look but I guess that was a fail. haha

I like cropped tops matched with tailored shorts. It's the perfect balance of casual feels versus polished sets.  And, I always make it a point to add surprising details like my awesome transparent sandals. It was the perfect match just to breakthrough my safety net on styling myself. 

Bazaar Find Cropped Top | Stephanie Origami Shorts Pinkaholic | Tutum Shop Sandals | Prada Bag

Ending this post with a goofy photo to cheer me up on a long and busy week ahead!

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