01 August 2014

Otto E Mezzo Bombana , Shanghai

Our first night at Shanghai and we were pretty excited to try out all the restaurants. My boyfriend, Ryan, had the itinerary all planned out. So from our hotel room we headed towards Otto e Mezzo Bombana. On our way we passed by the French Concession and my oh my was I in heaven. Don't worry will tell you all about that soon. 

We arrived early so we decided to hang out at their bar area while waiting for our reservations. The view their was spectacular. I could see all the lights at The Bund area. I could stare into that scene the whole night if I could (more about that soon).

Bread Appetizer

8 1/2 Seafood Soup

Lobster Pasta

Truffle  Overload

When we got to our table I was very impressed with everything. The soup was very rich so I guess three to five spoons of it were enough. Ours pastas were very delicious, especially the one with truffles! Was even thinking of getting another one. Overall everything turned out well.  I guess those 3 Michelin stars had their purpose. 

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