26 August 2014

Petal Pushers

The weather has begun to shift here in Cebu. What was once entirely sunny has now been occasionally enveloped with dark clouds &  rain. I try my best to hold on to my floral numbers as they always cheer me up despite the gloomy circumstances.

Besides the obvious throw in floral arrangements there are different ways to use floral concepts by using petal accents creatively. For people like me who adores clean lines having an accent wall in all white shaped liked origami flowers is a modernist's dream. As for the bold seekers throwing in textured accent pillows that resemble crumpled petals are a great way to add color and texture into your space.

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So how about it? Hold on to those  blooms!

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  1. I love those textured accent pillows almost as much as I love the gorgeous outfit you're wearing (well, not quite). You look adorable, dear!


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