11 September 2010

dive in!

photographed by : Hannah Bacalla
styling/modeling: me! (Gillian Uang)

I've been itching to go to the beach lately! This picture just makes me wanna dive in and never turn back to see who got wet! I've just fully recovered from my weird fever and now I just need a swim to shake away the excess sickness.  I don't know if it's just me but every time I come out from a terrible fever , I feel a bit of  it still waiting around my body! I don't know if I make any sense anymore.

Anyway, totally excited for tonight since I am finally watching Despicable Me with Don (my boyfriend)! After the long wait, and thousands of trailers I've been gushing on, I am finally gonna watch it tonight! hoorah! I just got word that those little yellow things in the cartoon are actually inspired by the game "WORMS" , which Don and I used to play when we were in 1st year College! No wonder they sound familiar! The only thing stopping me from watching is my boyfriend being late! PLEASE DONYU! ARRIVE ON TIME! haha


Got featured by 2 blogs:

I am glad you think I'm pretty  Alandia but you should
totally put yourself up there in the site!

Philip of Fashion Toy Gun featured the whole
3d shoot I did with Hannah Bacalla which I styled!



  1. Haha it was for a concept shoot! :)

  2. oh wow that's great!
    congrats on the features =)

  3. oh cool. not one but two features! congrats!

  4. congratulations on the double feature!
    and your store is doing so well! I don't know why others bother to open up on-line stores if they can't compete! bwahahahaha evil much? but seriously! You are definitely an A-lister! ^__^

  5. thanks katrina! I think you are too harsh! I believe everyone deserves a chance in the on-line thingy. and honestly I don't do it to compete anyway! I just have fun with it and I don't take this selling thing too seriously. When fashion is one of the things that keep you going.. you just have to do it, with or without competition! :)

    but other than that thank you :)

  6. Neat features! Congrats! You deserve it ;)

  7. congratulations on the features! and you are crazy sexy miss gillian! <3

  8. i've been wanting to be somewhere far the past few days too...just hold a bottle of beer and just stare out into the sea.

    anyhoo, congrats on the features!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | POLKA DRESS giveway this way! ♥

  9. congrats on the feature! and i super love the photo, so beautiful :)

  10. Michelle: thanks! :)

    @gizelle: woah! Relaxingggg!!!!! So right!

    @noelle: why thank you! The photo was taken by the very cool hannah bacalla! :)


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