21 September 2010

sugar rush!

Yesterday was such a bummer! I hate that I don't get to do anything just because I'm sick. Luckily I am feeling much better today!

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On the upside, I was very thrilled to to see my picture up on fabsugar! Thank you so much for the short feature on my outfit in the "Look of the Day" section! I go to this site a lot so seeing even just my name in that site made my day!



Gahhh! Another photoshoot with the bestfriend. I don't know why she needed me to help her style when she could perfectly do it by herself, but it's always fun when I do help her out. Another batch of amazing photos by Hannah Bacalla! I bow to Hannah! Basing on the pegs Hannah sent for the shoot we decided to step it up a bit and go High Fashion, it's not totally High Fashion but we totally were going for something more grown up maybe? 

Photography: Hannah Bacalla
Model: Kryz Uy
Stylists: Kryz Uy and me (Gillian Uang)
Shoes from Michael Antonio

The first outfit was totally one of the hardest. Just reinventing that skirt was super hard but with the help of loads of masking tape and a lot of tuck-ins we definitely pulled off the structrue we wanted. We had to buy additional cloth just to give more impact on a fuller skirt.

The second outfit was totally a Kate Lanphear inspired look! I love how tough kryz looks. I guess it's new to see her on something more structured rather than her usual girly soft looks. 

We opted to show a more casual side to it! 

The fourth look was a play of prints and texture which I especially enjoyed. That scarf around her neck, that's actually a dress! Cool huh?

The last one's a pure classic! I especially worked hard on making the dress look pointed at the side just so I can show some structure. I love how the dress turned out to be origami like!

So the shoot was a success! 


  1. I love all the pictures. <3 Great job!

  2. great styling gillian :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Thanks melai! Thanks to kryz, who I co-styled with, it was really a good collaboration! :)

  4. fabulous styling!!! my favorite look is the first one. it's sexy and very editorial. i also love the purple round specs!!! where did you guys get it???

  5. thanks kookie! The cool eye wear was from Hannah, the photographer! I don't know where she got it. hehe

  6. Great styling! And I read FABSUGAR TOO! congratulations on the feature!

  7. you're not only good in dressing-up, also in styling. wow. ;)

    Fashion Toy Gun

  8. Hahaha thanks philip! Couldn't have done it without the team! :) that's the kate lanphear look i was telling you about! :)


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