09 October 2010

Porcelain Beauty X FrostBite

photography by Hannah Bacalla
modeling/styling by me (Gillian Uang)

Another great picture from the very amazing Hannah Bacalla! (I bow to the queen!)

On some school matters, right now, I am preparing for the annual CAFA fashion show of USC which will be held in Ayala -Terraces today! Hope you guys can come and watch as CAFA students present the new FALL collection! The ever budding young designer Mique Yapching will be there too! Already one of his Garments has graced Preview Magazine this month! Check out the "Drift Wood" Fashion Spread. His cape was to die for! 

Gotta go do a quick change! See you guys there!
Hope it doesn't rain! (*crossing fingers*)



  1. I love that fur hood.

  2. I love the first picture Gillian! ^___^

  3. i was looking at your lookbook. and googled for your own site! and there i found it <3

    lovely photos!

  4. @michelle: thanks! taken by the great Hannah Bacalla :)

    @missy: awee! thanks love :) I did have a link in my account in lb love. :)

  5. gosh! you're so pretty and cute at the same time surreal on the first picture! lovely photos!

  6. thanks rachel! It's all because of the photog! :) I am so lucky to have worked with Hannah :)

  7. I saw you pag saturday in Ayala! I loved your dress.. Where did you get it? Doesn't your boyfriend get mad at the stares you get from boys? you look so pretty kase! All my guy friends were crazy about you! HAHA

  8. Thanks! It was from my online store, Detail bydetails (http://detailbydetails.tk. Glad you liked it! Will be releasing new stocks maybe by tomorrow! :) And no, my boyfriend rarely gets jealous :)


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