17 October 2010

Preview Magazine's 15th Anniversary Party : CEBU!

When I saw the invite for Preview's Anniversary Party here in Cebu I automatically clicked "Attending" on the invite! Special thanks to Cybill Gayatin for the invite! I've always been a big fan of Preview so even if I had no idea at that time on what to wear I just had to go! When I arrived the area was decked with crystals and white-sparkly accessories on the ceilings!

Let's start off with my dress that was designed by the great Mique Yapching! I was totally loving my outfit last night. First of all, anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of black. You rarely catch me wearing a black dress! Mique totally captured what I wanted , it was all in one dress! I just told him I needed something girly yet structure dand  a bit "pure" looking and he got it in  a snap! Thank you so much Mique for designing my outfit last night!

 some of the photos were grabbed from Valerie Go, Paolo Berdin, Izabelli Selma and Mikey Sanchez
Everyone looked amazing in their crystal inspired outfits! I totally love dressing up and getting the chance to do it with one of my favorite magazines made me want it even more!

Mikey Sanchez looking polished and classic as always...
and Roni Yu in a very fashionable piece!

and Mia Arcenas in her very cute Kate Torralba mini!

Met a lot of new people who were totally super nice!
It was nice meeting you guys!

On the other hand it was a sigh of relief to see some familiar faces from the crowd! Everyone looked gorgeous by the way! The event was just really about celebrating Preview, and I think we did a good job on doing that!! :)

A good and very well dressed friend, Paolo Berdin, won the award of "Best Dressed Male" of the night! Check out that red box on his hand, it's his prize, a canon digital camera! I'm sure everyone was jealous --- I was! haha

 Georgina Wilson, everyone!
I guess it was a super bad idea to take a picture with Georgina! She was crazy pretty! Any angle was a beauty shot ! She looks effortless! I felt like I was with a Goddess and we were just mere mortals! haha She was totally nice though and very accommodating on taking pictures with us! :)

If I had to I would crop my face.. but that would just look weird. haha Met the very talented stylist from Preview's team, Liz Uy and my was she pretty! I felt like crap beside her! Her outfit was perfect!

Was totally starstruck when we were able to meet Preview's Fashion Editor , Daryl Chang! Yes, more starstruck compared to when I met Georgina Wilson and Liz Uy. Also, I was especially  delighted and totally giddy when she complimented Kryz and I for dressing up!  Buying those new pair of heels at the last minute definitely paid off! HAHA

A whole week of texting each other on outfit crisis , makeup and shoe dilemma and finally we got to enjoy the night with great outfits and great company! The whole time I was with my bestfriend and her sisters! I felt like an adopted sibbling! haha Wasn't too hard really when everyone asked me and Kryz if we were sisters!

cheers to a fun night! 



How lucky were we that we got to be featured in stylebible's twitter!
Too bad our names were spelled wrong but I don't mind.. too much of a fan to mind! :)



  1. amazing dress you've got there! Was following Liz' tweets the whole time! Too bad I wasn't invited to this event. :(

  2. hahahahha thanks! <3 nice to finally meet you, Gillian! :)

  3. @dannah: thank you! :0If I'm not mistaken I think the party was open to the public later on.. You should have went!

    @mikey: Nice to finally meet you too ! didn't know you had blogspot?! following you right away :)

  4. ah! how lucky were you! You look gorgeous Gillian! Your dress is BEAUTIFUL! don't you have a better picture of it? most are face Shots :>

  5. thanks Tina! :) Will post a picture soon. A friend wants a shoot with the dress so you'll see :)

  6. I read in Kryz Uy's blog that you were not able to get a picture in the wall? SAYANG! Ikaw yata masali sa "best dressed"

  7. HAHHAHAHAHA I doubt! but thank you! :) nice words are always appreciated :)

  8. hahaha, i didn't go because i was afraid of not finding anything to wear....:D looked like a fun night...it would have been amazing to meet liz uy and daryl chang...they're amazing.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. I was pretty worried to about what to wear. Gladly a friend, Mique Yapching, designed a dress for me <3 and YES! it was epic! DARYL CHANG for the win! <3

  10. very very pretty! Excited to see you your shoot with the dress! Totally a piece worth taking pictures with! :>

  11. thanks sara :) I totally agree. A Mique Yapching original is worthy of a photoshoot. hahaha :)

  12. So happy to see you and Kryz!! :)

  13. happy to finally meet you too Kristine :)


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