16 October 2010

signature pose

photographed by Lea Ann
modeling/styling by me (Gillian Uang)


This was my favorite piece from the bunch and surprisingly it was the first one to be sold! Don't worry girls, on the next batch I will definitely load up on these kinda skirts.

 I've been doing so much photoshoots for the store and I always get stuck on poses to do for the photographer especially when I'm  doing catalog. So I decided to do a signature pose for the store! So from now on all catalog shoots for the store will be posed liked this! Other people might find it weird but I like weird! So here it is, the Detail bydetails' official pose!

Been running around lately trying to complete my outfit for tonight's preview event but I am still at a lost! All these good-looking and well dressed people are giving me so much pressure.

Just looking forward to a night with my bestfriend and fashion.. can't get any better than that!

and now I am off to do some last minute shopping...
Wish me Luck!


Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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