10 November 2010

slow dancing

photographed by Lea Ann
styling by me (Gillian Uang)
clothes by Detail bydetails

I've been swamped with a lot of papers for school lately. I guess I underestimated the follow ups that had to be done before a semester starts. Not only do I have to apply for a new car sticker for the new semester but I encountered terrible errors with the down payment I made a month ago. SUPER FAIL! I swear to God I'll get everything done by tomorrow so that I can finally concentrate on thesis.

 Remember that shoot I had last Sunday? Here are some BTS photos! 
 photos grabbed from Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream.

First of all I thought the shoot would be canceled since it was raining hard that day but as soon an the rain calmed down the shoot was way on! I arrived at the shoot with my Dad again. While everyone brought their respective boyfriends I brought a long my DAD. hahaha It was a mutual decision anyway since he always wanted to be in these things and watch since he was an advertising major himself.

Toni of Perfumed Red Shoes, ME!, Armand and boyfriend (photog), Gizelle from Vanilla Ice Cream, Philip from Fashion Toy Gun, Eden from Chic in the Tropics and  Mildred of Dred Reveries

Everyone was garbed in heels of course. Except Phil and Armand. haha I especially loved Toni's shoes cause they were sheltered from the rain! haha Totally excited to see the pictures!

Right now.. I just wanna go dip myself into a pool and just relax for a moment.



  1. Pretty as always! :D
    Oh hello there eden! :) Wow parang bloggers meet up din!! :))
    If we have something like that, ill also definitely bring my daddykins, hahaha! ;D Cute! :)

  2. hi yan! love your classic but quirky style. followed you na! :)

    and oh, you and doyzkie know each other pud diay. he's a classmate of mine way back high school.hehe :)

  3. yan, glad you came despite the rain. and its cute you brought your papa ha!:) i wish my boyf came along too but he was sick :( loved your skirt btw!


  4. love 1st photo:)
    where ar you come from btw?

  5. @anagon: Thanks anagon! Yea, I guess it was.. sort of? hahaha

    @mildred: thanks dear :)it was nice to meet you :)

    @eden; HAHA it was all him swear! The plan was just to drop me off! and yes.. and I was glad to go Eden, despite the rain. haha I really wanted to meet you guys! Thanks! It was from my online store.. I decided not to sell it nalang. hahaha

    @diana: thanks love! I'm from the Philippines! :)

  6. love the prints here! that top is just lovely! and yay for a Cebu Bloggers meet up!

  7. @kookie: thanks dear! :) and Yes, I guess it turned out to be a meet up after all! :)

    @missy: haha thanks missy! It was never really intended as a meet up. A friend just wanted to do a photoshoot. hahaha


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