22 November 2010

Minus Denim Diary no. 2

Here's my number two attempt to get away from denim! Opted to wear this thrifted skirt I got 2 years ago. Was itching to wear my denim shorts that day but I decided to stop myself. As the day progressed I just forgot about my denim problem and went into another kind.. the shopping kind... Been trying to shop for shoes for almost 2 weeks now and I still haven't found the right ones. Joining a WAGW fashion show this Friday and I haven't found the perfect pair of shoes to match both outfits. HAHA Last HEELS for the year! --I PROMISE!!!! Whenever I go shopping I get segwayed and end up spending my shoe money on accessories. Those tiny glittery things make me too excited! I never use most of them because I'm okay with the my watch and some rings. Either way, they truly are a weakness...


(left t right : Vanessa East of  One Frozen Margarita, Gizelle Faye of Vanilla Ice Cream, me, Toni Pino of Perfumed Red Shoes, Eden Villarba of Chic in the Tropics, Philip Lapinid of Fashion Toy Gun and Mildred Zapanta of Dred Reveries)
photo taken by Armand Alforque

photos from Vanessa East

Remember that shoot I had with Armand and other Cebu bloggers? I just found out today that we got featured in Sunstar Cebu's Newspaper! Special thanks to Kimo Cea for taking the time to do the interview and write the article! By the way, the skirt I'm wearing from the shoot is from my online store, Detail bydetails.


  1. hala a pleated skirt!!! :D it's just soo timeless yan noh??? i've been enthralled by them jud even as a kid...hehe.

    yey for our feature! :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  2. I know! I wore it the whole day last Sunday! VERY COMFY!!!! <3 and yes! Yey to our feature! <3

  3. so that was you in the newspaper!!! Why were some shots in the article "behind the scenes"? I don't see the relevance on the article and some of the photos.. BUT you look good as always and congratulations on the feature.. :>

  4. @matthew: thanks.. I don't really know why they placed BTS photos instead of the original shots we had.. but I don't mind.. all the photos looked lovely :) and thank you :)

    @ching: thanks dear! :)

  5. hi! do you mind me asking what brand your sandals there (from the first two pictures)? please HEAR ME! :)

  6. haha hi Elaine! they are brandless? just got them in 168 from my trip to Manila.. teeheee sorry :)


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