29 November 2010


caged sleeve gray dress from 168, sheer gray leopard print dress from Detail bydetails and shoes from parisian

I just had to post this!
 The wind was blowing and I was so excited that my layered dress was flying around! We were able
to capture the moment! hahaha

photo taken by Raleene!
At first glance these weren't really my style. I tried not to buy it but the salesladies dragged me into it. With all the "nindot ayuu na mam! angayan ayuu ka" (translation: They're really nice mam! They look great on you!) I couldn't stop myself from buying. I have a sickness.... the shopping kind. :(  I guess I can play around with this! Challenge? haha

How can you say no to your best friend? ---- You can't! HAHA When Kryz asked me to model for their Say What You Want campaign  for What a Girl Wants I instantly said yes without thinking I had to do some acting in the video! At least they chose one where I was just kicking my feet which I liked cause it didn't look like me! haha Take a look you guys! So cute!

P    H   O   T    O      D    U    M    P !

R    U    N    W    A    Y
 clothes by WAGW
MUA by Jomer Aranaces of Secanara Hands
photos from Raleene, Yssa , Jacky , Love, Laureen, Bianca and Roch

 I wanted more pics from the runway but I couldn't find anyone who took photos. All i've got are backstage pictures since most of the models are people I know and they all had their cameras with them backstage. haha

 B  A  C  K  S  T  A  G  E  !


A  F  T  E  R    P  A  R  T  Y  !

                                                          Kryz introduced me to Daryl Chang of Preview and Laureen Uy of Break my Style blog which totally                                                                  completed my night! It was nice to meet fashionably gorgeous people! (photo from Laureen)

Overall despite the rain everything else was great! Had so much fun even if everything backstage was hectic because everyone had to do a super quick change! Thank you to my family who came along and watched. I swear my parents are always watching my shows! HAHA


  1. Grabeh! wa ko kaila ni jaye over the make up! :)) pretty girls! Miss you guys! see you in 3 weeks!

  2. Wow, looks like so much fun! I love the cut out pattern on the back of your dress!

  3. It's funny. I’ve been eyeing the same shoes from Parisian too. Love your style Gillian. I'm new in blogging hope you can visit my blog.



  4. @ken: hahaha the makeup was super great! everyone looked so prettyyy! <3 see you! there's this new place I wanna try! maybe we can have lunch or something :)

    @kirstin: thanks dear! :) and yes it was definitely a fun night!

    @chiqui: haha my problem with this pair was it might be to grungy for me.. I guess this would serve as a challenge to turn it into mystyle. haha

  5. I like your dress miss Gillian! is that WAGW too?

  6. thanks tina! :) nope, it isn't. the sheer top is from Detail bydetails and the body con caged dress is fro 168 :)

  7. The cage design of that dress is smashing! I can't believe it's from 168. Congratulations on the fashion show. Too bad I wasn't there to see your glory. (I couldn't make it to Cebu because of work). I love the fur vests! Okay, I better contact Kryz now and order me some. :)

  8. I know! I usually just buy jeans from 168 but when my cousin and I saw this I just had to buy it! Sayang!!! The fur vests are amazing I just don't understand why it's still hot now.. it's supposed to be colder na! haha

  9. love all of the clothes and your shoes so fierce! Is it from Parisian? And I wanna ask what lighting do you use on your photos?:)

  10. Thanks Denise! They're all from WAGW :) and yes they are Parisian! <3

    About the lighting.. uhmm autoflash from my camera? haha but half of the pictures from this post are grabbed :)


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