03 December 2010

Our Little Secret --Country Classics!

clothes from Detail bydetails
model: Qia Quintana

 Here's one BTS photo taken from my digicam.
I've been twisting and turning my mind on a location for the shoot for Detail bydetails! I was lucky enough that a close family friend owned a very stylish store/restaurant. I enjoyed tinkering around and looking at the decorative items which I wanted to buy! I almost forgot I was supposed to look for locations for our shoot! haha The shopaholic in me ALMOST went wild today!

Country Classics!
home decors and flower shop
(Escario Branch)

 Address: #10 Apitong Corner Escario St.
contact no.: 268-9800
(somewhere across Parklane Hotel)


The place was once a residential area but they converted it into a store! I find it very unique and creative. As you enter the area you are greeted with  a lovely wall of flowers which I love. The amazing part is, they're plastic! I was totally fooled with their floral decorations because they seemed so real! What Country Classics' does is they fulfill your house's home decorating needs! They have everything from plates to cute little accent chairs even to adorable paper napkins! Not only do they sell items they also offer other services such as Interior decorating and some flower arrangements. Have you seen that huge christmas tree in Ayala Cebu? That's them!


As you work your way through the back there's this secret cafe which got me excited! I love the way they have this sort of  Shabby Chic mixed with Rustic Appeal to it! I love the iron chairs together with the wood finishes both on the shelves and the tables! I was most attracted to the amount of light that came in to the room! Totally my thing!  The color palette made everything so inviting.. fresh greens with some touches of pinks and lavender! (A quick tip: the color GREEN always makes a room seem more relaxed!).  Although the chandelier is totally not within the  concept since it's more of a Modern Baroque design but I like how it pops from the room, sorta making it the focal point without competing with everything else. I love love this place! Here are some pictures of the lunch we had with the team! Not only was the interior great but the food was excellent and very affordable! I don't really take food shots but this was something worth sharing!

 Qia's Lasagna
 My Fish Fillet
 Hannah's Chef Salad

I would definitely be coming back to this place!
Hope you guys could drop by! They also offer Snacks.



  1. what delish meals to feast on.

  2. teehee! I know! very affordable too :)

  3. i would have to agree, i Love that place too!
    its very homey, and the food is great too!
    perfect ambience + great food at a resonable price = EPIC!

  4. CUTE OUTFIT! the lasagna looks so yummyyy! the decor of the place is so country chic ;)

  5. @Liezyl! I know! I LOVE THE PLACE <3

    @fashionableAsians: thanks dear! will be selling it in my online store :)

  6. So many colors! Soo cute! ^-^ Followed this blog btw. I hope you can follow back. Thanks. :)

  7. i love the interior!
    thanks for your comment
    Love callmediiiyn!

  8. I love it too :) anytime Caitlin :)


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