25 March 2011

Some New Perspective

photographed by Lea Ann

Decided to do some mixed prints today just so I can play it up and keep everything fun! I've been wanting to inject the leopard print trend into my wardrobe ever since last December and I've been trying to work it around  my personal style. So I decided to take baby steps.. starting off with this thin belt I got from SM department store!

 So it's grad day today!
You know that feeling you get when you've finally passed a difficult level in Nintendo's famously addictive video game, Mario ? Well that's how I feel about graduation! I have finally found the princess! Okay.... maybe not, since I don't really know if the princess exists but I do feel like I've "levelled up". I am so ready to take on new challenges in life, I'd like some new perspective please! Also, I can't wait to get my hands on my diploma in a few hours, although I do feel like falling under a trap which might result on me taking the board exam in Manila and a bit upset about my boyfriend being in  another country during my grad but those thoughts are for another day. Today will be focused on good vibes, lots of smiles, ,cheerful musings....

....and a new pair of shoes! Got these babies especially for grad. I figured since I didn't really have closed ones might as well get a new pair! I know these will be helpful in the future since it's a classic pump and I decided to get something with a textured finish rather than plain ones, details matter to me.  

Anyway.. wish me luck everyone! 
Giving this pair a test drive today.
New shoes on grad day.. wonder how this will turn out..

Congratulations to my fellow graduates!
Finally! Another step forward!


  1. congratulations dear :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. You were so pretty a while ago Gillian! I'm from Engg. and I read your blog and was glad to see you in your fashion best a while ago! I wanted a pic with you but was too shy. Sayang! :( CONGRATZ TO US!

  3. thanks! :) Glad to know that someone reads my useless blog! haha A picture? You should've asked that would have been fun! I really don't mind when it comes to blog readers! and YES! CONGRATS TO US!!! *cheers!*

  4. Congrats on graduating! That is exciting, and you look stunning.

  5. congratulations!! were'd you get your pumps? im looking for a good pair. :)


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