29 March 2011

DIYs and some BTS


Been going crazy about DIYs recently. I've made a total of 4 rings in 1 setting! Involved a lot of mighty bond a few glue guns and several tapes but everything worked out! Ever since I could remember I really do enjoy making things by hand.. I like that it kills time and you actually see an end result when doing these artsy fartsy projects and a total plus is there's no one else in the world who has the exact same design.Thinking of making more for a giveaway. What do you guys think? Too ambitious? hahaha

Skipping to more important updates...


Had an early shoot for a fashion spread for my online store, Detail bydetails, yesterday! Just styling though.. I've been wanting to work with this combo team  for a long time! One thing is for sure.. the weather surely did not disappoint!! It was friggin hot yesterday.. I really felt bad for Camille, our model, since she had to hold a lot of poses under the heat of the sun. Thanks Camille for being such a good sport! I've always wanted to get her as a model because of her lovely features... big eyes, big lips ,super white skin and her fun vibe! I do hope I did justice to the styling since I was also working with the very talented Hannah Bacalla! I like that in one way or the other our weirdness connects. haha A big thank you goes out to my sister, Giselle, for helping out today! She knew I needed extra help because of my rash.. Not only did she get a few BTS photos but she kept fanning everyone all the way! Even kept passing the different hats I brought along with me for the shoot just to keep me somehow "protected from the sun" . THANK YOU BONG (my sister's nickname) !

I decided to do a fashion spread for the store just to show you guys another way of styling or wearing the clothes that were left. Can't wait to show you guys the official photos! Be updated! :)



  1. Wow! New shoot again? Can't wait to see the photos! I also love the rings! I'd join that giveaway in a heartbeat! ^__^

  2. HAHAHA did the same trick to my buttons too :)

  3. Your should make more rings! Haha! Maybe you can sell them too in your online shop :-) Haha! The shoot looks fun! I recently just opened my own shop too! And someday, I want to have a real shoot! Haha with real photographers and such ;p

  4. id definitely join of you host a giveaway!

  5. wow, you did a really good job with the rings :) super nice! :)

  6. The rings are sooo pretty! :) I really like the round one with the flower in the middle :)

  7. WoW! Assisting in lighting too? So talented Gillian!


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