14 May 2011

BTS: Young & New
Detail bydetails X Hannah Bacalla X Sepa Accessories

A photo of us goofing around on set!
(L-R Chai Laughing at mehhh -.- Bern being gorgeous and Me sort of out of place. hahaha)

Had a shoot yesterday  for Detail bydetails with Hannah Bacalla! As usual it felt like I've been hanging out with my long lost brain whenever I'm with her. It was a special treat yesterday because Chai Martinez, who usually models, decides to join the team as the MUA. And the forever gorgeous Berniece Montilla was our model. I swear to god she has the perfect skin and the perfect body! PERFECT 10 if you ask me! Spent the afternoon hanging out with the goofiest girls alive. I swear it felt like we were just having some girl time rather than having a shoot!

I swear to God this necklace almost ended me that day! I was joking around with the girls that it was Friday the 13th yesterday. Just when we were all laughing about it the necklace got stuck! Gave me a heart attack! Took us a good 10 minutes I think to figure out how to take it off. Whew! Close call! Never joking about that again!

Despite the "trauma" we faced I had a fun team! Didn't mind the heat really... As long as we had a good time!  Thanks to Chai for always keeping the mood up and plus the gorgeous makeup! Big thanks to Bern too for being such a sport in modeling! Finally someone who has the balls to go..... Won't finish my sentence, You guys will have to wait for this set to come out to see! haha Also an enormous thanks to Hannah for believing and giving me the opportunity to be working with her in collab shoots. She never fails to amaze me with her skill and talent! :). 

And Special thanks to Dianne Espera of Sepa Accessories on letting us do a collab and pull out some pieces from her show room which totally helped big time with our concept! Actually found out that she graduated from the same college as I did! Nice to meet a talented Carolinian like her, such an inspiration . :)


  1. Pretty Girlz! And Gorgeouz accessoriez

  2. Gorgeous necklaces, Perfect statement piece for any plain outfit! I esp love the colors of the purple one :)

  3. You look so cute Gillian and those necklaces are lovely! :)

  4. Ah, great! It is so detaily :p


  5. Glad you liked it you guys ! :)


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