14 May 2011

Vest Files

The statement vest! These pieces can go a long way. Often people tend to forget the importance of vests and how they really do help finish up a look! 

Textured Vest

The textured vest has it's perks! Because of it's numerous additional points on details this vest can instantly transform a boring drab look into something edgy and cool! Because of the texture there isn't a need to add print since the vest speaks for itself! BUT color or print never hurts! :)

Glitzed Up Vest

Another option is the glitzed filled vest! If you're much on the hardcore/rocker side then this is the vest for you. It's simple yet highly attractive. Because of the glittery threads that is sewn in with the material of the vest this is the perfect vest to spruce up your rocked up wardrobe. It has a dark green-gold sheen which shows ofd it's unique qualities.

Floral Vest

Finally, the floral vest! This elevates any simple tee and shorts ensembles and turns into into a fashion
frenzied outfit! Pair it with some awesome boots for a hippie vibe or a pair of boat shoes to give off a preppy look! Definitely a versatile piece for your traveling needs!


  1. Wow! Because of this post I want to invest on a vest already.


Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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