04 May 2011

City Ghosts

photographed by Lea Ann
 Detail bydetails skirt | So Fab heels |  SM leopard belt | DIY head dress

 Sorry for the lack of updates you guys! Was terribly in an on and off fever these past few days.

I secretly am dreading my Manila Trip. Not a secret anymore I guess... A few perks, I get to see my cousins. Then my best friend Kryz is practically living there -- so this should be fun! The shopping will be limitless, which I love and hate at the same time AND I am very excited to ride the MRT. hahaha I am not kidding.. I haven't rode in on one yet.. Heavy dress down lang so that I wouldn't have to get robbed or anything.

On the other hand I'm afraid on facing the studying and all the sketching again. Although I do miss painting a lot but I hear markers have to be my best friend for the board exam. I don't know anything about markers I doubt if we'll ever be friends. :( To another note my closet is messed up! Apparently I'll be in Manila this 15th for a short while because of Family business and my mom drops the bomb on me last night and announced that I have to "pre"pack the first batch of clothes that's to be left in Manila for my July stay. Felt my eyes pop out because of the shock! haha I guess I better start packing then? Nothing I can do but move forward.. right?

Excited and confused at the same time. 
Hope everyone had a great and less confusing day! :)


  1. Haha ~ Be safe riding the MRT! :) Love your skirt! Lovely color!♥

  2. Pretty Gillian! May I ask? Beside your OL store I see that you do a lot of shoots.. how do you book them? Do you have an agency? :>

  3. Hi Miss Gillian! Saw you recently in Ayala with Miss Kryz! You two look so cute together giggling while getting coffee! It's nice to know the top fashion bloggers in Cebu are best friends! I wanted to approach you guys to have my picture taken but na shy ko cause I only had my camera phone that day! Hope you don't. I want to ask kung how long have you been friends ? ^_^

    Di ka mag try anang Formspring? Your readers like me really like to bombard you with questions. heeee

  4. hope u feel better! fevers are the worse!

  5. nice leopard belt, great


  6. that skirt is gorgeous, yan! hope you're feeling all better now!

    Perfumed Red Shoes

  7. wow love the skirt and the headpiece !

  8. @Abbie♥: Thank You Abbie! So excited! :)

    @luuna : The other shoots I have are just fun shoots. Since I'm from an Art School. I've got a lot of photographer friends.. It's sorta hard to say no. hehe The others photographers just contact me if I'd be interested to shoot. :)

    @Anonymous: HAHAHA We've been friends when we were younger but never really as close. Very long story hehe Fashion seemed to bring as together. haha And you should've approached us! We would have loved to take a picture with you.. we don't bite! haha

    Fomrspring? Ako? I'll think about it.. I doubt if anyone would ask! haha Maybe when I have extra time. :)

    @Miss Independent: Fevers are the worse! Thank you! :)

    @HS : Thank You dear! :)

    @Toni: Thanks Toni. It's from my online store Detail bydetails (http://detailbydetails.tk). Check it out when you can. :) And thank you! I'm feeling a lot better :)

    @Rachella : Thanks Rachella: Made the headpiece myself! :)

  9. Such a cute skirt and overall adorable outfit! Love the blog and style.


  10. Gorgeous! I love your skirt!


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