18 April 2011

Download the By Details App for Nokia

So remember my past post on all the official stuff I've been doing for my blog? So here you go you guys! My blog is now a downloadable app in Nokia's Ovi store. Now you can download my blog app for free to get blog updates directly to your phone! A few weeks ago I got an email from Nokia asking if they could turn my blog into an app. Although I don't have a Nokia phone but I said yes cause I thought it would be cool! hahaha To those who have Nokia phones tell me how it goes! :)

By Details is available now.

To download the app click here.


  1. You know your blog is awesome when there's an app for it!

    Style Soufflé

  2. what a great news,cool.you're so lucky

  3. @Gizelle: hahahaah Thought so too! Even if I didn't have nokia I still gave it a go!

    @Cindy: Aweee! You are too sweet! Just thought it would be a nice thing. Even if I just have a few readers at least they get updated somehow.

    @Joy and Amore: Thanks! :)


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