25 May 2011

Misplaced Mishaps

Corset - HotPink| Palazzo Pants - Detail bydetails | Blazer - Detail bydetails | Necklace -F21 |
Heels - Janeo | Bag -SM Department Store

Photos by Lea Ann
Modeling/Styling by Gillian Uang (me!)
Pants from Detail bydetails

Another set we took during last Sunday's shoot with Lea. As usual, Lea takes the greatest photos! The bag I am carrying around is my laptop bag. I like that it never looks like a laptop bag so I feel a lot safer just bringing it along with me without giving a huge sign to the whole world that a laptop is inside! This shoot has a little back story involved but I think I can't explain to you guys what's it all about yet.. Will tell you about once I get the heads up from Lea!

From Vogue Korea January 2011

Alexandre Herchcovitch  Spring 2011

Jil Sander Spring 2011

Lanvin Spring 2011

Rachel Roy Spring 2011

The pants I'm wearing are from Detail bydetails. I honestly do not understand why no one wants this? hahaha I've been seeing a lot of hot palazzo pants that has been out on the recent spring runways and I even feel a trend coming! But then again, I am no fortune teller of trends nor am I even certified to say this will become a trend.. Feel lang nako (I just feel it). :) To those who are interested these pants are still available! They're actually pretty cute since it combines flowy-ness the maxi skirt brings that is pretty hot right now and yet has that surprise factor when they find out they're actually pants similar to the Lanvin look in the photo above! I am just so amazed! If no one will be getting this by the end of the month you guys will surely see me wearing this in my wardrobe soon! More clothes for me! :)


  1. I love this Gillian! You should really try out modeling! You are super beautiful and stylish!

  2. The pants are lovely, i don't get either why no one buys it at this point haha

  3. Pretty Gillian! You are such a great fashion icon! When you get to Manila I'm sure Magazines would want to feature your style! :)

  4. wonderful outfit!

  5. Great look! Those pants are so cool!!!

  6. hihih, achie wanted to get it unta yan~ :)) i'll ask her again nya. HAHAH!

  7. @luuna: Thank you Luuna. I do model freelance and for my photog and designer friends! Nothing serious though.. hehe

    @blue^girl: Hope that's a good wow! :)

    @The Shady Chronicles of P and D : Thank you guys! I am assuming the comment is from both of you? haha :)

    @iamjillyace: We'll see maybe in a couple of days? If not then it's all mine! whahaha

    @Lyca J. : Thank you so much Lyca! Glad someone thinks that way... although I have to burst your bubble since I think there are a lot more people who are prettier and more fashionable than I am! hahaha But thank you anyway!

    @Sere no Sekai : Thanks! Glad you liked it!

    @daphy: Didnt' know you had a blog! Text me if you guys plan to buy! :)

  8. Beautiful look!! I love the pants. :)

  9. Thanks Gretch! :) I love the pants too! hahaha

  10. This outfit is Fabulous! You look Amazing! I am especially Loving that blazer.

  11. @Karizza: thanks! :)

    @Emma: Thanks Emma! It's from my online store Detail bdydetails (http://detailbydetails.tk)

  12. You are such a fashion Icon Gillian. I love your style. :)

  13. Fashion Icon, me? haha There are so many more fashionable people who are worthy to be called that compared to me but thank you for thinking so! :)

  14. I love the pants!!! whats the cloth:)))?? looks so breezy!

  15. No idea.. but It's Chiffon like only thicker :)


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