18 June 2011

Balanced Air

Top-Thrifted | Shorts -Kid's Depot |  Pastel Pink Cat Eye sunnies -SM | Pink Belt -WAGW

Just got home from a super busy day! I almost had no time to breathe!!!
Wore this to a bunch of meetings I attended. I seriously hope I didn't look sloppy today even if I felt like it.

 There are some people who tend to get tired of dressing up but I'm not one of those... I do give-up my heels once in a while but the little things like pattern and color, little details, I cannot give-up. I do get tired of wearing make-up a lot. So today it was just powder and blush! I do hope I still looked presentable and didn't scare away all the people I faced a while ago.  haha

Left home with sunnies and came home drenched from the rain. 
Cebu, no more rain please? I've got a shoot planned next week! :(

Hope you guys are safe and dry! :)


  1. i love the outfit!!! specially the shorts. it gave a modern vibe to the vintage top. :D

  2. Wow!You have perfect skin! <3 You're still pretty even without makeup! There's only a little difference :)

  3. Your so cute! No makeup? Fresh look! You look good in anything Yan!

  4. Love da top:-)
    much love,

  5. The collar on that blouse is just insane! Awesome thrift find!

    sPam of frou-frou

  6. @Abbie: Thank you! :)

    @Martha: Thank you Martha! I'm just blessed to inherit my Mom's good skin! :)

    @Pattie: Thanks Pat! :) Teehee and I had makeup on oie! Powder and blush. I was too tired to wear eye liner.

    @Chicqua: Thank yoU! :)

    @Spam: Thank you! :) Any suggestions where to go thrift shopping in Manila? Somewhere in Quezon maybe? :)

  7. the shorts <33 you look gorgeous!

  8. I really like how you paired those shorts with a nice white top. You look great!

  9. @LBSfashion: Thanks Issa! :)

    @Liezyl: Thanks dear! It's from the Kid's department hehe

    @GretchTM: Thank yoU! :)


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