20 June 2011

Detail bydetails' Special Offer

Floral Top- from Kryz | Skirt - Detail bydetails | Wedges -Parisiang | Feathered Earrings -from my siblings | Necklace -F21 | Weaved Belt - Vintage

This skirt will be sold in Detail bydetails' last batch that's coming out by the end of June! If you've been following my blog and online store you guys would know that I only sell one piece per design but since this will be my last batch before I take my 5 month hiatus I will be selling 2-3 pieces of each design.

 As a special treat to you guys this skirt can already be ordered starting today!
 First come first serve of course! So hurry up and get first dibs on this one!
There are still more but you guys will have to wait for the full collection to be out!

 I loved it so much I even got one for myself and wore it today! Hurry girls! :)

3 pieces 
2 pieces left!
1 piece left!!
(garterized )

To order:
open only within the Philippines
You may comment here with your e-mail add
Send in an order form
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  1. Love your feathered earring Gillian! Too bad I'm all the way in the States! Wanted to order your dress! More Power! I love your blog! :>

  2. So pretty! I like your earrings! <3

  3. Saw you with your sisters in ayala last monday! Haha what salon did you go to for your hair perm? :)

  4. I saw you today in CAFA Miss Yan! I super like your outfit! I wish more people would dress up here. I wanted to take a picture with you but you were surrounded with your gay friends. hihihihihi na shy ko ^__^

  5. oh i forgot to ask you the price. how much was the hair perm? :)

  6. @fangurl!: There was a time when a lot of people dressed up in CAFA. Mas bongga pa nako.. good times :) Anyway.. picture with me? hahaha You could've came over I don't really mind. Thank you for the nice words! :)

    @Stef: I recalled it was 3,000.00 but that was a year ago. :)

  7. i like your earrings, they're so special ^___^ xx misstea & co.

  8. teeheee! Your comment made me smile :)


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