22 June 2011

For Sometime

Leopard Top & Amber Skirt -Detail bydetails | Necklace-thriftgasm | Flats-Janeo

Started the day early today with a meeting and ended up visiting my alma mater USC-CAFA in the afternoon. I was shocked to see that our building was packed! I do remember , when I was in my freshmen year there were only a few people in our building --to the point that everyone knew everyone. When I visited earlier I was shocked to see so many new faces and the familiar ones were just a handful! Amazing! Either the people in our building were all taking either Fine Arts or Architecture or there were others from different courses. Still I was glad to see our community growing. I was especially happy to see one of my dearest friends Rockell, too bad I didn't have a picture with him! We talked for hours about fashion and "love". hahaha

matching outfits! hahaha We did not plan this!

Here's another picture with Guada, owner of thriftgasm. The necklace I'm wearing is actually from her online store! I love being sponsored with pieces that I believe in! When I got it just a while ago I loved it instantly, to the point that I practically pre-styled future outfits in my head to match it! Super excited to test this baby out! :)

A few more days till I leave for Manila!
I should practically double time since my schedule is packed before I leave.
Last minute shoots and collabs. All this is making me hungry again! haha
Hope you guys had a fun day like I had! :)


  1. I knew that was you in CAFA! Gaduha2x pako! You really stand out in your sense of style Gillian! I loved your skirt and your style and your so prettyyyyy <3

  2. Hii, i found your blog on chictopia, its lovely and i love your cute romantic style, im your new follower, hope you follow too :)


    Natasha X

  3. You look gorgeous Gillian. And WOW! You're wearing flats! Still cute parin! :>

  4. @anna^700: Thank you for the nice words Anna. Honestly during my time there were way more people who used to dress up! :)

    @Natasha Kim: Thank you Natasha! Just dropped by your blog :)

    @Khlaren: Thank you! It's from my online store Detail bydetails (http://detailbydetails.tk)

    @Kyla.K. : You'll see me in a lot of flats in Manil trip for sure, since I'll be commuting . :)

  5. love the skirt and leopard top!

  6. Thanks Liezyl! It's from my online store Detail bydetails :)


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