10 July 2011

Sea Green

Top- topshop | skirt - ukay | belt - SM | Necklace - given

Wore this yesterday to my uncle's birthday celebration.  It was fun being around family made me feel safe. :)

If you guys noticed my blog has a new look.. I've been trying tinker around again.  If you look closely you guys can just comment on the upper left portion of the article. What do you guys think? Is it better than the old one? Anyway, I'm off to Trinoma today since it's the only mall I know how to get to right now.  Will be riding the MRT for the second time! haha Excited to do some grocery shopping and hopefully just that.. 


  1. Blue green! Likey! And aw, Trinoma. Haha! Mahirap nga ang hindi matempt dun ;) And MRT! Sayang, magMRT din ako mamaya. Could have seen you :( Oh well, at least naeenjoy mo na ang Manila! :D

  2. aww I hope to meet you some time! I am always in Trinoma! :)But for now I just can't got because of the rainy weather! :)

  3. in LOVE with that skirt and necklace.


  4. Love the green and blue combination :) cool in the eyes :)

  5. i love the color combo! its so you!

  6. I adore this outfit so much - the colors are gorgeous together! :)

  7. Adorable! Sana I went to Trinoma nalang today :(

  8. @ Number Two Lover: Sayang! haha It amazes me how the MRT is always busy! I feel like I'm in another place other than the Philippines! Maybe Next time.. Hope to bump into you! :)

    @ Denise : Hope to meet you too! Yes.. the rain definitely did not stop us from going there or else my roomie and I would die from hunger. haha

    @ mary louise: Thank you! Glad you liked it Mary :)

    @ Ava T. : Thank you Ava! :)

    @ Liezyl: Thank you Liezyl.. did you join the recent blogger meetup in Cebu?

    @Lidiya: Thank you Lidiya! :)

    @Valerie: thanks!

    @Hailley: Teehee there will be other days :)


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