11 July 2011

Only We Know

Photo by Hannah Bacalla
modeled by yours truly ! :)

Here's one of the photos from my last shoot with Hannah in Cebu before I left for Manila. 

I love how this photo describes how I feel at this exact moment.. Funny how I shot this weeks ago and to find myself in a situation at the present that this picture exactly depicts. Gloomy Manila is taking it's toll on me, Don't get me wrong.. I am quite enjoying the independent life so far but It's extremely tiring when all the studying conquers most of my thoughts. Our teacher recently told us that our board exam isn't really like other course's simply because it is very subjective. Our grades depends on whose grading our designs and whether or not they like it. This totally scared me a bit since it's impossible to really please everyone all the time. Being in the field of design it's very fickle. One minute it's the zen age the next minute your under contemporary. A time will come that you will be faced by someone who totally does not understand your work or who simply does not connect with your piece. Things like these scare me. We do have our objective part but another equally important portion is the subjectivity of design concepts and solutions being proposed in the board exam. Scaryyy!!!

I just came off skype with my sister and my mom and had a good conversation with the boyfriend over the phone afterwards.. glad to know everyone at home is cheering for me, but I cannot shake off the feeling of anxiety. Promise! Anyway.. off to find some swatches for tomorrow's assignment and hopefully get rest! Goodnight everyone :)


  1. Found your blog through your lookbook! I must say, your style is simple but unique! A lot of attention to details! I'm a new reader!

  2. That photo of you is stunning! Don't worry about your board Miss Gillian.. Will pray for you! (:

  3. @Alice-o.: Thank You Alice and I read your email, made my day :)

    @Candie M. : Thanks Candie! Will need all the help I can get :)

    @Diana Caitlin: Thank you Diana! :)

    @Diana Cunha: Thank You! :)

    @Patricia: Thank you! :)


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