14 July 2011

Under the Sheets

Photo by Hannah Bacalla

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Another set of photos from my shoot with Hannah.

I've been sick for two days already. I hate being sick.. do you guys ever get that feeling when your taste buds seems to die on you and all your meals are tasteless-- I hate that. Whenever I get sick I can't help but crawl into a tiny shell and keep calling my mom for comfort. It's always nice when someone's taking care of you while you lay in bed pale and helpless.. in my case.. a call from family always makes me feel better.. Hopefully I'll feel a lot better tomorrow, I hate that I had to miss 2 days of class because of my weak state.

Hope everyone stirs away from the bug!


  1. beautiful photos.this dress is lovable!

  2. just wonderful. looks like it has been done in film.

  3. Hope you are feeling better Miss Gillian! I am a huge fan and I hope to meet you someday! ^__^

  4. @Despina T. : Thanks! :)

    @Ching: Lucky to work with a great photog :)

    @Patricia: Thank you Patricia! Hope to meet you soon too! :)


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