17 July 2011

Beautiful Unfolding

Photo by Hannah Bacalla
clothes from Detail bydetails

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This is the last set of photos from my shoot with Hannah.

My review schedule is a mess. I feel like I'm in high-school all over again. When you only get 1 hour break just to eat and you constantly feel like you have to study. Although I did get some R&R  yesterday since I attended the Super Sale Bazaar in Rockwell and did some shoe shopping from DAS.. I seriously think that helped out in turning around my disposition. Nothing like a pair of shoes to make a girl happy. 

Despite the shopping craze.. I feel so drained and since I was absent for for a couple of meetings last week I feel like I have so much catching up to do.. We've got an insanely crazy pile of photocopies for our review! All the neon highlighting I've been doing is giving me a headache. haha Anyway.. got my solid 1 hour break. Back to studying again. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! :)


  1. good luck! it'll be over soon then you can enjoy :)

  2. Pretty! Break ka naman Miss Gillian! I miss your daily blog posts :(

  3. Don't worry yan (hope it's okay to call you that) It's just 3 months of intensive studying after that okay naka! Cebu misses you. :>

  4. @cryskay: Thank You! :)

    @KAylee: Teehee Thanks Kay! So hard to keep blogging here in Manila I'm just too preoccupied with studies..-.- Will try my best to update weekly :)

    @Beatrice: Of course it's okay if you call me that, everyone does anyway :) I hope you're right and I miss Cebu too :(


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