06 August 2011

Me Again

WAGW dress turned into a top | SM belt and necklace | H&M earrings

My parents arrived from Hongkong last night so we had our short bonding session today and since they were just here for a short time I skipped class. teehee Take a look at this cute H&M earrings they gave me. I love it when they travel, I get to receive a lot of goodies once they come home from their trip. There are actually a lot more but I'll show you guys on future posts. It's funny how they always argue on who picked the nice items they brought home. It's a never endingbattle! haha But I love them both, doesn't matter who picked the most fasyon item or not I will always appreciate all the things they buy for us. :)

Anyway, had brunch at Johnny Rockets today. I know, I am an unhealthy eater, but what the heck.. burgers are love and I was starving. We were supposed to grab lunch at Italiannis, one of our usual places to eat whenever we're all here together, unfortunately they were closed.:(

Johnny Rockets wasn't that bad either. Food was so-so but mostly the interior caught my eye. It was designed 50's retro style. Stainless Steel was all over the place, a nice diner touch if you ask me, makes it very authentic. Linoleum checked tiles were laid out to give out a retro look. Laid out right at the middle is a counter with swiveled chairs made me think about vintage people drinking soda pops while one this area. And to top things off authentic jukeboxes. Wish I could show you more photos but most of them has my dad's face written all over it so I hope my words would suffice. 

BTW, thanks to those who sent me emails! I got my camera back so will try my best to blog more often! :)


  1. Yey! New Posts!! Can't wait to check out your future posts na. And did the waiters dance in Johnny Rockets? Parang they are known for that! :)

  2. authentic jukeboxes! i want to be a collector of them hehe :D i like your lemon shorts btw! xx misstea & co.

  3. Hi Miss Gillian! Glad to hear your blogging again! You're so pretty, You and Miss Kryz. Sana you guys do a shoot together or something! Both of you always look cute together <3

  4. @Kyna: Will try my best to blog more :) anddd Yes they did! Saya! :)

    @MissTea: Me too! They give off so much character. Thank You! :)

    @cathee: Thanks Cathee! I'll ask her about it. our last shoot together was I think 4 years ago. Hehehe

  5. OoohhH! Cool Place! *__*


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