08 August 2011

Easy Start

Skirt - Detail bydetails | Nude top - Mango | Lavender bag from HK- gift from mom | Sandals - Grendha

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Wore this today since I felt lazy. Walked around the village with my maxi skirt and the wind did so much help on making my look dramatic. haha  I love wearing maxi skirts since they make most of my looks unique and it swerves away from my normal dainty style and falls under the whole hippie vibe. No accessories today since I just had to walk to church but then I wish I just wore them since I felt bare the whole day. Dressing commuter style is definitely hard.. There are so many things I have to take off before I'm about to commute. Teehee.. Just being cautious...

Check out my view today! Nothing spectacular sadly. I wish I knew how to do some photoshop stuff so I'd show you guys some sunlight in this photo. Sadly I am unable to have the patience to learn so you guys would have to settle for some digicam photos. :)

Hope everyone had an awesome day like I did.
Time to hit the sack! Goodnight everyone!


  1. love the way you choose your pics..lovley outfit:)


  2. thank you for dropping by my blog! I already followed you!

  3. Dressing commuter style and the blues--- I get this a lot. sadly haha. but I still like the outfit, Yan. I just love hippie..boho.. I never thought you'd go for that. still worked huh! :)

    I get a lot of gloomy feeling in your entries lately. :( I hope everything's getting better and better out there:)

  4. @Shara: Thank you Shara! :)

    @Tinu: Thank you Tinu!

    @Yna Amores: Anytime Yna! Thank you for the follow! :)

    @kdawnsy: Never really had that problem in Cebu. Here lang. haha I feel so lost here. And there's nothing wrong.. Manila just lacks sun that's all hehehe Thanks for the concern dawn! :)

  5. Thanks Valerie! It's from my online store Detail bydetails (http://detailbydetails.tk)


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