09 August 2011

Sunny State

Detail bydetails Top | Shorts from Kryz | Bag - Mom's | Round Shades - Greenhills

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Wore this earlier for a coffee run with my roomie, Kristine. Actually started the day early so we had time to insert a comfort coffee session today. It was crazy hot earlier so I decided to wear these cute shades I found while doing some shopping at Greenhills a few weeks back.  What do you guys think? :)

As you can see...Manila is the only place I bring a foldable umbrella around and in all honesty I have the hardest time opening and closing these things! Goes to show I'm no traveler at all. Takes me a few seconds to open the thing. Sorta embarrassing when you're the last one to go out from the review center and everyone's waiting for you just because you can't open the stupid umbrella. Silly weak me! haha


  1. wow...i love your blog..
    also in love with your illustration on the header..you do look pretty :)

    check out my blog whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. You look so cuttteeeee Gil! Love your style! Very wearable! ^__^

  3. Hello Gillian! You look so chic! Love your outfit! :]
    We share the same thoughts about opening that damn umbrella! Mine is funnier because my umbrella opens the other way around. Huhuhu! :[

  4. Hi :) Been viewing your blog during my free time.. If you don't mind if I ask do you have any idea abt fashionable thrift shops hre in Cebu?

  5. @The Shady Chronicles of P and D : Thanks Guys! Saw your recent trip! So sweet of you guys to travel together! <3

    @littELLEbratontheloose : Great! :) Dresses up boring outfits don't you think? hehe

    @Avellia : Left a message! :) Thank you for the nice words!

    @Elise: Thank You Elise! :) Read your email.. thank you for the nice words! :)

    @Angeli G.: Wahahaha Thankfully mine isn't at that stage yet!

    @Anonymous: So far the ones I visited are okay.. there are still some off pieces. I guess the trick with thrift shops is you have to know how to find the nice ones. :)

  6. But can you suggest where's the "trendy" ukay here in Cebu? :)

    Btw, thanks for responding! :)

  7. haha I'm no hardcore Ukay expert. I've only tried out 2 places. Mango Ave and in Mandaue. My best buys are from Mandaue but super dangerous. I go their twice a year lang cguro with my dad. hehe :)

  8. Ic. Thanks, Gill! :)


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