11 August 2011

Two Coats

  Sheer Leopard Layered dress - Detail bydetails | Gray Shirt Dress- Just G 

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Wore this today and did some layering with loose silhouettes. I seriously have no idea what is up with the weather here in Manila. Woke up from my sleep only to find out it was raining then when I left our place heat seemed to stab us at the back. And when class was about to start the rain started to pour again with thunder effects to match. As class ended so did the rain. I realized that I haven't been taking proper photos on anything so starting tomorrow I'll try to incorporate that factor  into my posts. Taking a break from all the studying tonight and having a movie marathon with my roomie! Stressed out with all the studying and note taking I've been doing so this should be fun!  Just finished watching our first movie "Prom" from Disney and I must say I balled out heavy tears... Either I'm  just dramatic today or I must miss all the high school drama. Teehee Hope everyone is having a relaxed evening ! :)


  1. hope everything's great, yan! too bad you won't be at the bazaar personally but excited to see your clothes displayed at least:)


  2. Hi Gillian! Great look!

  3. i love that watch!!


  4. I love your dress miss Gillian! Cebu is missing you already! :(

  5. @Eden: Oh! So puede? Yeyyy, will ask my sisters if they're free! hehe

    @Tricia_pie: Thank you Tricia! :)

    @Mary Louise: Thanks! It's my sister's.

    @Fanniexx: Thanks Fannie! And I miss Cebu too! :(


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