12 August 2011

Paint Me A Picture

Watercolor Cardigan- SM | White Inner- F21 | 
Mint Green Shorts - Greenhills | Statement Necklace - Freeway

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As promised I took some documentary photos earlier. Here are some snippets from today. I wish I took more and was even planning to take my outfit shot outdoors but as usual weather did not permit it and the rain started pour down on us as we were about to walk home. :(

Break Time!
A view from my seat!

Denim Crisis: Wondering if I should get myself some tattered shorts.. Any thoughts guys?

I guess all the greens and pinks in my highlights went over to my outfit today!

"Liberty Leading the Poeple"
by Eugene Delacroix

Talked about Neoclassic paintings earlier in History class and how timely was it that I wore my watercolor cardigan today?! Made me feel more into the discussion cause of my attire! haha  As our teacher was discussing about Romanticism paintings this photo appeared in the powerpoint presentation. And I was like "Hala! COLDPLAY!" haha

And I was right, our teacher pointed out tthat this was used in the recent cover of Coldplay's Viva La Vida Album. I don't know if Coldplay was talking about the Napoleonic era thus the result of their Late Neoclassic Cover or maybe they just spoke in code and used Napoleon as a diversion to their usual symbolic religious songs but I think it was pretty cool to make everyone think for once if they're talking about the French Revolution or Christianity. Either way.. Fast Facts lang.. New things everyday! :)


  1. Oh my gosh! You look like Kim Chiu! I did not know you knew all these things about paintings and music! I love this sidr about you! :)

  2. You look gorgeous Gil! Nice of you to show us a peek of your daily stuff! Goodluck with your review! I hope you release a new collection soon!

  3. Oh whoa, nice connection. I never noticed that was the album of the Coldplay cover. For some reason, I only noticed the white painted words and never actually paid attention to the painting, haha.

    Love how bright and happy your outfit is!

    Style Soufflé

  4. You look great Gillian. And Yea! That is Coldplay's cover! I like your cardigan! :)

  5. @Janice: HAHAHA I doubt.. she's way prettier! Not everyone knows I have a knack for these things.. it's not all fashion hahah

    @Viva La Minta: Thank you dear! :)

    @Heidi: Thank you Heidi! I'll try my best to release a new one :)

    @Cindy: HAHA me too "Viva LaVida" hahaha

    @anna^700: Thank you! :)


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