13 August 2011

Shuttle Bus

Started my day today super early since every Saturday we have our design class. Design class usually starts by 8am and ends by 5pm. Yes it's a whole day of non-stop brainstorming and production of plans to the day problem that will be given. My roomie and I woke up extra early today since we were determined to finally arrive on time. It was the perfect setting, arrived in school by 7:30 and there were only two drafting boards setted up in the drafting rooms. Hanged out in the discussion room and was wondering why it was just my roomie and I in the classroom . Our other classmates arrived around 8:30 and told us that our class will be starting late. WE DIDN'T GET THE MEMO!!! Oh well, the early birds we were!

Since we were way early I even had time to take silly  shots out of boredom. 

Take a look at what's inside my rendering tool box! A few markers that I just recently learned how to use and coloring pencils.. my Prang watercolor (my fave medium) is behind my watercolor pencils! :(

Was so tired today since a whole day of sketching and squeezing my brain out for color combinations , spatial planning and lighting fixtures --it's no easy task. When I got home I was tired as heck but when I checked my messages saw this cute painting and it turned my frown upside down!! A good friend , Patricia Zosa, painted a me! Yey! I swear , I love it so much! It's even my new header if you guys noticed. Little things like these cheer me up! They're always special in my eyes.

Again, a big shout out to Patty Zosa.. Thank You for this awesome drawing! :)
A good night indeed!


  1. ooooohhhhh! I like your new header! Can I ask a question? You just walk to school? Do you wear heels padin? I just want to know. hehe :)

  2. HAHAHA how timely. I just came off the phone with my boyfriend and I told him I missed wearing heels. I wear flats to review class since school is just around the corner. If I had my other heels I would walk to school but right now I just have one heel and it's not really good for walking by the sidewalks. hehe :)

  3. Wow, gorgeous! I wish I could draw like this!

    -Laura xox

  4. I wish I could draw like that too! hehe


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