19 August 2011


White Shirtdress from SM | cascading necklace from Forever 21 
 Lavender bag from Hongkong (from the rentz) | Purple flats with ribbon strap -GH Vote for this look in Chictopia and hype my look in Lookbook

So I got this pair from Greenhills. Fairly cheap if you ask me, P250.00! Plus it has this ribbon detail that I love, I've always been a sucker for ribbons  So being the compulsive buyer that I am I got one pair in a striking violet color. If you guys noticed I've been going "simpler" on my outfit choices since I just walk to school cause it's just a corner away. So these flats were perfect! Durability though... wasn't that good. Wore these  twice since I bought them and the sole died on me today.. had to mighty bond it just now for a temporary solution. haha I really like the design and I believe it's worth saving! 
Wore this to class today and straight to meet my parents for dinner after. Seems to me that they've been here every other week but no complaints! A week to go till my last day for the I.D. review. I can't wait to go home already and relax for a while. All these studying is seriously making me fat. haha

A whole day of interior plans tomorrow then a party after.. wonder how this will work out? 
Wish me luck on tomorrow's plate!

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  1. You still look pretty even if your "dressing down". You have great taste talaga!

  2. Cute shoes!! Love your blog!

  3. Love the blend of lavender! The entire outfit works so well together - I think I actually have the same necklace! :)

  4. Even this look is simple you still have that quirky charm!

    Love from the UK,

  5. @Lea R.: Aweee! Thank you Lea, means a lot! :)

    @MintJane: Thank you Jane! :0

    @Aney: Thanks dear! Visited your blog.. was that the pink one you wore on your recent post? hehe Followed you btw.

    @carrie: Thanks Carrie! Always glad to know I have readers outside the Philippines :)


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