21 August 2011


Zara Top - from Aunt and Cousins | Detail bydetails Skirt | 
Lavender Bag from Hongkong (parents) | So Fab Flats | Shades from GH
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Wore this today to a quick Lunch I had with my parents and relatives! Thought it would be timely to wear this awesome laced top that my aunt and cousins picked out for me the last time I went shopping with them. I love that most of the people in my Dad's side are girls. Everyone understands the need to dressup and why an accessory should be added to any outfit. Why having one bag in your closet is never okay and why heels or a trip to the salon are instant ways to make you feel better. It's so much easier to forget all the stress and just relax my brain for once. There's one more week of class anyway so I'll just have to squeeze what's left of my brain and energy then it's hello Cebu on the 28th! :) Yey!


  1. Hi Miss Gil! I luvvv this outfit on u! Come back to Cebu na, I miss seeing your dressier side but it's also nice that you wear something simple but fashionable too..

  2. Your outfit is so amazing! I really like the top and the sunnies, and the combo is gorgeous! cool blog :)

    come and visit my blog please aswell xx


  3. cute outfit! love your sunglasses! xx

  4. @Porcelaine: Thanks Dear! Will visit your blog asap! :)

    @cryskay: Thank you! :)

  5. Halloo Miss Gillian!
    You look so cute here! Do you have any photo shoots recently? I miss looking at you modeling! ^__^

  6. @tashee: thank you tashee :) I do miss piling on accessories hehe and just a few more days till I'm back in Cebu.

    @Beatrice: Thank You Bea! And no shoots , sad to say. I barely know anyone here in Manila. Teehee

  7. your glasses are soooo cute and i love the lace top!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. I love the big round sunnies! I've been trying to find a pair like that.

    Style Soufflé

  9. Thanks girls. The glasses I got at a bazaar and the skirt is from my online store Detail bydetails :)

  10. Hello Gilian!
    Thanks for your lovely comment; you have a very fresh and fun style, so I kind of can't wait to look through your past posts and outfits when I have time!

    And I totally get you about the heels; sometimes even when I'm at home and i'm feeling a bit flat I just put on my newest heels and instantly feel better hehehe

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  11. Love your round glasses, I think I have the same one too, hehe! And I love your lace top :)

  12. Love, love, love your glasses, they're awesome!

    -Laura xoxo

  13. @Annie:Same! They just seem to make everything better! :)

    @Janet: Thank you Janet :)

    @Noelle Chantal: They seem to be a great accessory to finish any looK! and Thank You Noelle! :)

    @Wrinkle In Time Vintage: Thank You Laura! :)


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