11 September 2011


Top from Zara Kids.

Studied out the whole day yesterday facing magazines..

I kid!
No we did not study magazines! haha
This was what I was actually facing the whole time!
Been studying two subjects all at once just to save time.. Stress!

While doing some serious note taking.. I came across this pattern under our Rug Pattern hand outs and realized that it's the same pattern as my shirt!

Here's a closer view of the shirt pattern!
Similar right?

Since it was gloomy yestereday I decided to wear this colorful piece I got over at Zara Kids! I adore the ethnic American-Indian print that this shirt clearly portrays. The reasons why I started this blog is mainly to portray the similarities of Fashion,the Arts and Interior Design. I love how in Fashion a carpet pattern clearly becomes a statement piece and shows off a unique print on strong colors and geometric lines. It's not just some random lines that you just happen to throw in to create this effect it actually takes inspiration from carpet patterns long ago. A harmony of these elements showcase a balance of symmetry and design by not overpowering one another.

Similar to Mara Hoffman's Spring 2012 collection from the recent New York Fashion Week runway!
Here are some of my faves! <3

Okay! Maybe not all the pieces are geometric. And maybe they're not really under American Indian patterns but it i similar. Just wanted to work that in in today's post! :)

So here are some photos I got all over the net on the same patterns used in carpets, pillows and interior spaces

Vibrant colors on pillows! I am in love with the electric pops of color! Although some patterns in these pictures have a mixture of moroccan prints too!

Clearly these are a fun and fashionable patterns ready to spruce up interior spaces and fashion pieces at the same time! :)

Now back to studying!
Mock boards tomorrow.. wish me luck! :)


  1. Your so lucky you fit in the kid's department! I love your fashion!

  2. you look great! love the patterns!


  3. these pictures are so beautiful. super glad i found your blog. i'm following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following too. Thanks love. xoxo


  4. lately I've been quite addicted to aztec-type prints too! think i might go and buy me some...

    good luck for your tests, (assuming they're tests), I'm sure you'll do fantastic :)

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  5. @Ina: Haha Thanks?

    @Dania: Thanks Dania! Been crazy about these patterns too! :)

    @Fash Boulevard: Thanks for dropping by! :)

    @Annie: Always nice to hear from you. And yes,, aren't they all pretty?? You should get one, can't wait to see your pretty photos of it! And thank you, need all the luck I can get :)

    @Elle Sees: Thanks Elle, a few people fail to see how much effort I put into relating Interior and Fashion. hehe Everyone seems to forget my Interior side. teeheee

  6. Cute top! :) I'm very much in love with patterns right now <3

  7. Your top looks awesome, love it ;))

  8. @Khlaren: Me too! <3 Thank you for dropping by! :)

    @Jane: Thank you Jane! :)

  9. That print/pattern is so unique and looks very ethnic.

  10. Oooooh, don't remind me of school work! (Turns begrudgingly back to my own stack of test materials.) You look wonderful, though. Love the outfit :)

  11. i love your top! the colors go so well together. xx

  12. i just love the pattern on your top, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)


  13. love the textures!



  14. @Emily Ulrich: Sorry I can't help it! I worry too much :( Thank you Emily :)

    @cryskay: Fell in love with the color combo too! Thank you! :)

    @Ria: Thanks for dropping by! :)

    @Blaise: Been hoarding these kinda patterns recently..

    @Cindy Ngo: Just did! I love your blog! And yes, go get yourself a pair! <3

    @Diana Caitilin: Thanks Diana! Always nice to hear from you :)


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