09 September 2011

{ Pumped Up Kicks }

Mom's shirt turned into a dress |DAS02 shoes from DAS| Hongkong Bag | SM eye wear

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Yes.. I braved the streets with this pair from DAS just to meet up with my bestfriend Kryz over at Shang Mall yesterday! Don't worry I was safe and sound . No one seemed to care na super effort lang ang attire just to get a cab. haha  Special thanks to my roomie, Kristine, for being so game on taking my photos. Even if we did look stupid posing around the village .

Meeting up with Kryz totally helped me relax and  just recharge. No pictures though.. whenever we're together I usually forget I have a camera around . I feel like I get too caught up with all the girl time and always end up forgetting on documenting things. Also it was so nice to get messages from my other two best girlfriends who were coincidentally having some bonding time in Cebu too! Just what I needed, I feel the support! I felt the support so much that when I got home that night I slept at 4 am because I was so inspired to study and did the same thing the whole day today! 

Thank you Friends! :)
Hope everyone has great friends like I do !


  1. darling, i also love your blog... thats why i am your newest follower! thanks so much for dropping by on my blog and leaving me sweet words <3 i would love to get to know you better! come follow me too! have a fun and safe weekend!

    p.s those shoes are AMAZING and i need a pair STAT!

  2. Kill me now! So jelly of ur shoezzz! I always like your fashion choices Gil! Simple with a twist! ^__^

  3. This looks extraordinarily like the outside of our house in Cebu. Do you live on Baffin, by any chance? Near Alta Vista on the hill?


  4. @Little Black Sheep Fashion: Normal :) I've worn a lot more heels that are more painful haha This one is actually way better! <3 It has pads sa sole :)

    @Jamie: You should! teehee! Thanks for dropping by Jamie! :)

    @Jane Alle: From DAS! go buy! :) Thank you for the nice words Jane. :)

    @WonderWoman: haha No I don't.. teehee this was actually taken near my place here in Manila. tehee :) Timing?

  5. You look great I love your outfit and your shoes are gorge.


  6. i love the details of the back of the dress!


  7. @Rocker Chic: Thank you! :)

    @Dania: Thanks! It's my mom's :)

  8. love the shoes!!!


  9. Thanks Annette! <3 I've been wearing them non stop lately :)


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