06 September 2011

{ Something Old Something New }

Photo by Lea Ann
Galaxy Shirt Dress from Detail bydetails | Leopard Print belt from SM | Booties from Metro Gaisano|
D.I.Y. Head Piece

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Something Old.. 
An old photo taken by the great Lea Ann for our shoot for Detail bydetails's 8th Batch. 

I'm starting to miss all the photo shoots I used to do in Cebu. For those of you who are new, I used to do some styling in Cebu and occasional modeling here and there but what I really enjoy the most is conceptualizing. I love bringing new ideas to the table! I like being O.C. about everything even down to pre-styling accessories the night before only to find out the next day I end up winging it in styling. 

Something New..

During my one week stay in Cebu my Dad and I visited the PhilConstruct Visayas at Waterfront. I love going to these things cause I get to know a lot on new materials and even new finishes for my soon to be line of work.. I hope! When I was about to enter I stumbled upon this smart display of furniture pieces by CFIF

I was really wondering what the vase was doing laying down on the floor! Only when I took the picture did I find out that they displayed their furniture and accent pieces laying down so that when you take pictures it's as if you're looking at the space from the top view! Cool!

Here's another one! Whoever thought of this is a Genius! 
Had so much fun with this exhibit!

Of course the PIID Cebu Chapter people did not disappoint. 
I came too early to the show so most of the pieces weren't prepared and I was only able to take photos of the finished ones!

This was a mock up display of a very girly powder room.
Wouldn't mind having all that at my place!

Then here's the quirky and eclectic living area!
I am in love with those color blocked lamps! <3

A close-up on the detail!

Comfy pillows in such a chic color combo!

These wall panels are worth lusting over! I was so tempted to have an outfit shot there but then again was too shy to even pose with the number of people around! teeehee

Clearly I miss Cebu, once again.. haha nothing new there! 
Had a horrible day so I wanted to blog about home to make me feel better! :)

Hope everyone has a good night! 


  1. Yannn, balik na here. Can I shoot you? Heehh. :B Anyways, looking great as always. And that's nothing new. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm in love with your flower headpiece! I seriously want one now.

    Style Soufflé

  3. you look lovely. looove the wall panels! xx

  4. you look great! :) I'm seriously jealous of the headpiece. hehe

  5. @onethirdpoundpatty: Patty! I didn't know you had a site! Sure!!! Anything for you! Will be coming back 2 on the 18th this month. Tell me lang when :)

    @Cindy: Thanks Cindy! Made it myself! Glad you liked it :)

    @cryskay: Right? I'm in love with them too! <3

    @Little Black Sheep: Thanks! :) haha mightybond and a rope and some flowers and you're good to go! :)

  6. oh wowww you look so ethereal gill! i love the floral wreath :D

  7. love the shirt dress! this place looks amazing and has everything i want!!

    come visit for a minkpink giveaway!


  8. @miss.tea : Thanks! :) Made that myself! haha Got a lot of burns from the glue gun! haha

    @annette tang: Right? I wanted to put them all in my room! haha

  9. Hi Miss Gil! You are so Pretty!

  10. Thanks kyliee! Always nice to hear from you :)

  11. i love the interior images...so pretty.


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