12 December 2011

Bloggers United II

photo from Chaley Tiu

Greetings from Bloggers United II Hangover Land!
When I first arrived that day I wore my ever so comfy jumpsuit. While everyone was busy unpacking I was busy looking around at my booth since we decided to combine our spaces together and make it into a big one cause of that I had 5 other closets to raid! What instantly caught my eye was this tiered crocheted piece from Vanessa! Automatically grabbed it of course and wore it on the same day. Instantly changed my whole look! 

So this was our booth when we first started. As you can see I neatly folded all my clothes depending on the different prices...

Towards the end though.. I just really got tired of arranging everything.. so I left it in one big pile (ukay style) and just did a  3 for 100 price by the end of the day! 

Here's everyone:
Me, Gizelle, Mildred, Eden,
 Vanessa and Alexa.

Thanks again to everyone who came to our booth! You made us all happy girls. :)

A big thanks to Aisa, Melai , Ana and the rest of the team and sponsors who flew us in! Again, I feel so thankful for this one! :) I honestly wished I bonded more with you guys like the other Cebu bloggers. I promise, next time I'll have to catch up! 

All photos are from Dred since mine are just really crappy! hehe
I promise to take better pictures from now on guys!

Also there's a new section in my blog called "Shop My Closet". I'll be selling my used clothes at very cheap prices! So do check it out when you can. :) If your interested in some pieces that I posted in the past comment or email me and I'll try to weigh things out. :)


  1. I love the crochet top!! :)


  2. You know what.. you really look like Kryz! I always mistaken you for her.. I guess that's why you both are bestfriends.. like my bestfriend and I, we look totally alike.. and and i love your style :)

  3. @Gemnikka A. : Thank you! :)

    @Jasmin Ann: hahaha you are not the first person to tell us that. :) Thank you Jasmin!

  4. That looks like soo much fun
    hope you enjoyed it ♥


  5. I use a Canon EOS 550D! & I love your jumpsuit btw :)

  6. Thank you Julie! Great pictures on your blog btw! :)

  7. Love this post! And the shop my closet in the end is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Hahaha!

  8. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH katawa ko oi! I love your comments Chyrel! <3 Hope you find something! Actually updating that section tomorrow :) Wait for it :)


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