11 December 2011

Sunday Best

Detail bydetails Dress | Parisian Shoes| F21 Necklace | Bazaar Ring

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Wore this Detail bydetails dress today! I loved the pattern and the cut that I just had to have one for my closet! I wanted the dress to be the main focus so no belts today. Of course there are two more of these in the store so grab them now while you still can! :) You can pair them with vintage jackets or even knitted cardigans for a more dressier peg! 

So I spent today with my sisters and treated them out to a movie and some girl time! Our parents were to lazy to go out so I guess it was just three of us for the day. Let me just say that whenever we're together even if we annoy the heck out of each other we always end up having a good time! :)

Even if it was a Sunday I still had a busy day.. Even had to insert two more meetings on my supposedly rest day but I guess that's alright since this whole freelance styling thing doesn't seem like work sometimes. :)

Of course before I had to leave I had to drop by WAGW Ayala to support the bestfriend together with Camille and Laureen.  Not only that but Germaine (sister to the right) wanted to meet them in person too! You guys should've seen it, WAGW was packed! Also I was surprised that they told me I got Sylvanas the other day from similar Dumaguete readers! I am soo happy. Thank you guys. I was super touched. Even if I wasn't included with the blogger meetup you still included me---Yeyyy! 
Thankful! :)


  1. Your sisters are so fasyon too, Gillian! Pretty, pretty girls. :D

  2. Teehee I'll tell them! They'll be happy to hear that since the three of us have different styles dyud! :) Thank you Chyrel! :)

  3. Your dress is so amazing!! <3



  4. Helloww Gillian! You looked super gorgeouzz yesterday! :)

  5. I'm so happy to see you. I hope i'll bump into you again someday. Cheers

  6. Thank you Dixie! :)

    @Ann: Thank you also Ann. Didn't expect people to know me there :)

    @yiqin: Thank you :)

  7. Aww you look lovely. I love your style .
    You are so pretty girl
    I love your blog, I'm following you now. Will you follow me back?

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