01 December 2011

Coach Poppy Girls

Poppy Girls! 

My best friend Kryz was asked by stylebible.ph to do a styling challenge for international label, Coach, with their new fragrance called Poppy! So the task was to create a look that was inspired by the fragrance! First thing that came into mind was something fun that's why we've got a tiny set with us! haha

Here are our Individual looks! Kryz was right on saying that the scent was so us. Quirky and  sweet with a touch of spice.. it embodies our whole tandem. Styling , concept and our poses came naturally for us since we wanted what kind of look we would like to show off!

Of course, all our clothes are from WAGW . 
And our Pretty pictures are by the very talented Hannah Bacalla!

Thanks to Kryz for picking me to do this shoot with her it's always fun shooting with your best friend. I think this is still our 3rd shoot together if I'm not mistaken.. could you believe it? haha

"We got soooo inspired by the fragrance’s sweet and young scent, which was not only pretty but also kind of mysteriously complex! You can’t just say it’s sweet- period. There’s so much more to it than that. It reminds us of spring and summer with a hint of memories and familiarity. That’s where we got the inspiration for our looks. Two best friends, always on the hunt for new shared experiences, never losing that touch of youthful curiosity and innocence.

Hope you guys like it!
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Hope you guys like it! :)
*crossing our fingers!*


  1. love your blog! <3


  2. wow! you guys are soo pretty.. hope for more success for you :D


  3. If this isn't winning, rebellion much gyud! haha. everything about it is love. congrats, Yan!:)

  4. Thanks Dawn! :) Help us spread the word :)

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