05 December 2011

Suit Up

Insignia Jumpsuit | Aldo and F21 accessories | F21 wedges | H&M bag

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Thanks Kryz for taking my photo! :)

Hello guys! I am back in Cebu from Bloggers United 2! Let me just say that it was such a huge success. Hats off to Aisa, Anagon, Melai and the rest of the team who organized this event and flew us, Cebu Bloggers, to Manila. It was a such a great experience to meet my Manila readers. Thanks to everyone who came to our booth and also to my readers who congratulated me for passing the board, that was super sweet of you guys.  If anyone has pictures that day I'd really love it if you'd send some to me at gillianuang@gmail.com! :)

On to my outfit. I wanted to wear something loose on that day so that I can move around. I decided to wear this Jumpsuit that I super duper love! Also bought (on the spot)  a colorful poncho piece form fellow blogger Vanessa East that day to spruce up my look. Too bad I didn't take an outfit shot of it! :( Wore it over my comfy pajama like jumpsuit... comfort with fashion-- that's the way to go! Speaking of comfort.. I chose wedges that day so that I'd have more balance. Le't face it.. walking in those shoes the whole time wasn't a great idea. Thanks to Patricia and Kryz for bringing me to Footzone that night. Best foot massage everrr!

Well, that's it for today! 
It's back to work for me! :)


  1. Hi Gillian! Dropping by to say I was so happy to finally see you in person. You r so pwwwetty!!! *fangirlmode* ^___^

  2. Stunning outfit, you look so pretty! x

  3. @Mitch: Thanks so much Mitch! I really appreciate it :)

    @Temporary Secretary: thank you :)

  4. so pretty

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  5. Hello Gillian, I always get shy posting a comment in your blog but Google knows I visit your blog. I get starstruck, sometimes. Haha!

    Congrats with BU2 and your outfit is so lovely, as always. :)

  6. Don't be! I like comments! :) Thank you Chryel for the nice words. I'm no "star" so no need :)

  7. What a beautiful outfit! Following you now:D

  8. It was great meeting you during the bazaar! Do come back to Manila and take Kryz with you so we can do the same thing -- Dinner and a foot massage! Minus the heels, haha!! :)

  9. Hi Patricia! It was okay with heels. Next time lets just not walk a mile in them! hahaha Footzooneeeeee! :)


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